Voscuris ™ Platform

The Voscuris ™ platform architecture and technology is built on a core foundation of modular architecture, highly scalable, flexible deployment, portability and security-by-design. 

As a tiered technology stack, the Voscuris ™ platform incorporates:

A Data Access Layer where data is hosted externally

An Internal Data Repository for operational data and data caching.

An Enterprise Middleware Layer for expressing business logic.

An Application Support Layer comprising of the Voscuris API.

An Application Layer running web services and web-based applications, including support for mobile applications running as native applications on end-user devices. 

Integration can be supported through a broad number of options

Direct Integration

API Integration

Bespoke Integration

The Voscuris API delivers a RESTful API that presents a single public interface to client applications


The Voscuris ™ platform embeds 'Security-by-Design' to create a trusted environment where patient data can be made available to users through secure channels via applications running on workstations or mobile devices. 


Patient data is protected at rest and in transit using powerful encryption technologies. The Voscuris ™ platform is highly portable and can be located on-premises, within your own private cloud or within the Voscuris secure cloud infrastructure.