Voscuris enables seamless and efficient communication with all stakeholders in the diagnostic reporting process.

Who we work with


The Voscuris platform enables diagnostic laboratories to differentiate their test services, utilising enhanced digital reporting solutions to build brand loyalty with practitioner, patient and customer. Our solution:

Facilitates communication between patients and practitioners, improving the speed and clarity of test results via graphical representation and curated medical content;

Unlocks the value of laboratory data by facilitating patient consent around personal data use;

Generates alerts and notifications, highlights required test actions as well as recommends tests and services;

Reduces the administrative burden and costs associated with manual test reporting processes;

Integrates seamlessly into your existing LIMS solution. 


94% of health executives believe that treating customers as partners is important or very important to gain customer trust (source: Accenture Digital Tech Vision 2018).

As technology increasingly infiltrates every aspect of people's lives, we understand that trusted engagement is crucial to the successful adoption of clinical solutions between practitioners and patients. At its core our solution facilitates: 

Informed data consent between clinical organisations and patients;


Clear and effective clinical results reporting tailored to meet the different communication needs of patients and clinicians;

Reductions in administration time and cost associated with clinical reporting;

Informed empowerment and engagement of the patient in clinical decisions with a view to improving clinical outcomes. 

Diagnostic Manufacturers

Voscuris enables diagnostic test manufacturers to connect directly with practitioner and patient test users, gaining enhanced healthcare and e-commerce data insights to inform business strategy.

Connect with practitioners and patients;

Differentiate your tests in the laboratory market with the bespoke visual presentation of results;

Curate medical content to enhance understanding and uptake of your diagnostic products;

Gain new healthcare insights from the connection of patient consented healthcare data with test results.



The Voscuris platform provides a medium for engaging with your veterinary practice customers, using digital technology to allow you to continue to provide the highest level of service beyond the clinical visit. Our technology facilitates a range of features, designed to benefit both the pet owner and the veterinary practitioner. These include:

Personalised and visually enhanced reporting of diagnostic laboratory and imaging results, delivered through integration with existing systems;

Ability to provide tests and condition explanations and pet care advice through text, images and video;

Notification services, including alerts for test results, reminders, and advice on products and service;

Digital questionnaires, enabling accurate collection of pre-appointment customer information;

Pet profiles, including vaccination and treatment record. 


Specialist Clinics 

The success criteria for fertility clinics includes not only the diagnostic tests and treatments offered but also how effectively clinics communicate with and support patients throughout their treatment journey.

As specialists in clinical results reporting, our fertility patient portal solution enables clinics to:

Create bespoke digital patient questionnaires which can be  completed online by new patients and reviewed by clinical staff;

Provide curated medical content appropriate to the patient's selected treatment path and test results;

Communicate meaningful test results and clinical imaging;

Provide real-time updates during time-critical treatments such as IVF.

User Applications

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