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Inclusion in Tech Lunch & Learn Recap

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

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Inclusion in Tech Lunch & Learn

Last Friday 16th October, we launched the first of our Inclusion in Tech Lunch & Learn community events, a short virtual Meetup event that brings together local tech organisations and individuals to start conversations on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

As a company, we want to be more diverse and inclusive but we found it difficult to know exactly where to start and as we began to experience the tragic events of George Floyd's death, we found inspiration in the Black Lives Matter movement to be a proactive organisation rather than reactive one and so we created the Inclusion in Tech Lunch & Learn Meetup group to offer like-minded businesses and professionals a platform for engaging around the topic of D&I and to learn from each other's understanding and experiences.

Lynsey Stewart from HeadsTogether presenting to guests
Lynsey Stewart: HeadsTogether

Friday's Event

Each event will host a guest speaker offering different experts an opportunity to present on different aspects of D&I from their area of expertise and so for our first event, we asked Lynsey Stewart, Director at HeadsTogether, a specialist human resource consulting firm in Belfast to be our first guest speaker. Lynsey gave an introductory presentation on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, offering insights and experiences from an HR background and the impact that diversity and inclusion in the workplace can have on competitive advantage and attracting and retaining talent. Our guests also had the opportunity to answer some poll questions during the presentation (listed below) showcasing the differing perspectives that we have on diversity and inclusion. The event concluded with a Q&A where participates had the opportunity to ask Lynsey any related questions they had from her presentation.

Inclusion in Tech Lunch & Learn poll questions
Presentation poll questions (answers at the bottom of page)

Voscuris would like to thank Lynsey for taking the opportunity to be our first guest speaker and for putting together such an informative presentation. We would also like to thank our guests who joined us on Friday and for their initial feedback, we hope you join us again.

Our next event is scheduled for the 11th of December at 12:00 pm with our guest speaker Sharon Didrichsen of Specialisterne NI. Specialisterne NI is a social enterprise based in Belfast, that creates solutions that reduce the barriers for autistic people to be part of communities, and to enjoy their careers. Sharon will be covering the topic of neurodiversity in the workplace and we are really looking forward to her talk.

Our Links

To join or find out more about our Inclusion in Tech Lunch & Learn community, visit Inclusion in Tech Lunch & Learn or to sign up for our next event, visit Inclusion in tech Lunch & Learn: Specialisterne NI.

Ryan Owens

Question 1 - 81% men, and 19% women

Question 2 - 15%

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