Our Platform

A new class of clinical communication


Global healthcare professionals agree that digital health technologies are an important tool to achieve better patient outcomes

Our solutions open a new class of clinical communication software centred on enhanced reporting of clinical results through white-labelled applications.


Working with your IT team, our solutions integrate with your existing laboratory and clinical systems and the Voscuris ™ technology can be deployed locally on physical infrastructure or can be cloud-based to achieve a fully scalable healthcare communication solution. 

Want to know more about our technology?

Slider Display

Clear presentation of individual test results within their applicable reference ranges in a slider display

Historical Results

Graphical display of historical individual test results within their applicable reference ranges and timeframes

Medical Content

User access to medically curated content for each test type in support of reported test results


Create bespoke questionnaire for your patients, completed prior to their consultation

Clinical Alerts

Receive clinical alerts when patient's results are ready for publishing



The patient is at the centre of the healthcare experience

Provides patients access to their clinical data with supporting information, enabling them to make the best decisions for their health.

Facilitates the patient with a medical history questionnaires prior to appointments  and reminder services that ensure patients are prepared for their visit.

Notifies patients when follow-up appointments are recommended and informed about products or services suited to their needs.



Medical practitioners are trusted with privileged access to patient health data, who guide and influence patient's healthcare decisions.

Provides tailored results access experience through web and mobile applications.

Annotation of patient diagnostic reports and includes notes from consultations, enhancing the personal service they can provide.

Facilitates alerts and notifications, informing the practitioner when results are available and alerting when results require urgent attention.

Enables practitioners to be informed of products and services provided by the laboratory, hospital or clinic. 



Designed to integrate with your existing IT systems to minimise service administration, offering efficiency improvements to patient registration and reporting services.

Provides a bespoke interface to manage patient and practitioner users and gain operational and business insights from service use.

Includes medical and lifestyle questionnaire builder to enable patient information to be collected prior to appointments, freeing up time to focus on delivering the best patient experience.