Tailored Coronavirus management platform

Desktop COVID-19 Results
Mobile COVID-19 Result




Secure Digital Health Passport

Verify & manage COVID-19 PCR test results and future vaccination history


Integrates with existing health systems to pull relevant lab results and vaccination history


Provides proof of COVID-19 vaccination history to provide safe customer or working enviornment

Travel Advice

Presents up-to-date global travel advice and public health information

Data Privacy

Follows strict data privacy rules and protects the individual's personal information


Passport is completely white-labelled to ensure you are notifying and communicating as your brand

Back to Work

Manage & record required COVID-19 procedures to ensure healthy employees can return to work safely 

 Rapid deployment to support your COVID-19 response capabilities

We provide an effective digital solution that can be rapidly implemented to ensure swift and secure communication of COVID-19 test results as a means of controlling virus spread.

Remote patient management & communication

Our COVID-19 response can reduce the increasing burden on essential healthcare staff and lower the rate of employee burnout by streamlining the reporting processes of generic health tests.

Seamless integration with existing healthcare systems

Bypass current movement restrictions to educate and inform patients with supporting real-time public health information to reduce anxiety over health results and enhance patients' well-being.

Voscuris COVID-19 Healthcare Support

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