Diagnostic Reporting Simplified

We improve the customer reach of diagnostic laboratories through enhanced communication of clinical results to practitioners and patients

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COVID-19 Response

Providing a rapid digital response to support your organisation and your patient's through the COVID-19 pandemic

Health Reporting Made Easy

Unlock key medical insights through the analysis of consent driven healthcare data

Integrate test results, medical imaging and expert comments with medically curated content

View and build customisable, easy to understand diagnostic reports 

Present graphical display of patient's historical medical results for each test type


Available across iOS, Android and Web applications

Enhancing the patient experience with seamless data delivery

The Voscuris platform enables you to augment your premium health service with fully customisable, interactive digital health reports directly to patients 

Reduce Costs

Reduce the costs and administrative burden associated with current management and reporting  of patient results

Improve Quality 

Greatly improve insights your patients receive to encourage better behaviours and achieve greater health outcomes

Enhance Communication

Enhance your patient relationships with consistent communication throughout the continuum of care.

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